Very busy last few weeks!

Has been a few weeks since I posted anything on the blog! (not very professional!) But needless to say it isn’t because I haven’t been busy. The CLA Game Fair was a fantastic success and Collier and Dobson sold on my behalf several new originals, including ‘Pack’ and ‘Retrieved’ plus a couple more and many fabulous prints! Brilliant! I am working my fingertips off in the studio, painting new pieces for theĀ  up coming ‘Burghley Horse Trials’ which I will be exhibiting at with C&D. Some new ‘Hounds’ and ‘Highlands’ will be showing alongside ‘Foxy Lady’ and ‘Ermintrude’. Have also been working on a couple of new coastal pieces for ‘Flint’ in Blakeney.White CapsThornham Breakwaters